2018 National Symposium

All Our Children: The Church's Role in Education Equity


When? Tuesday, January 16  through Thursday, January 18, 2018

Where? Trinity Cathedral, Columbia, South Carolina

Who is invited? Any person or team of people who are interested in learning, connecting, and sharing ideas about how communities of faith can and do effectively support public education in their cities, states, and across the nation.

What can I expect? An ecumenical event grounded in worship and prayer.  Informative, interactive programming. Dedicated expert presenters. Conversation, idea sharing, and networking. Compelling keynote speakers, including Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church, Michael Curry. A focus on steps you and your congregation can take to build the Kingdom through action and service.

How do I register? Registration will officially open in late summer of 2017 – to stay up to date on programming and get notified when registration opens CLICK HERE.

RESOLUTION B005 – Quality Education for All was adopted by the 78th General Convention in July 2015 and requested the ‘All Our Children’ National Network to collaboratively convene an intergenerational symposium on “Children, Poverty, and Public Education: The Role of the Church in Addressing Educational Inequity,” with a report thereon to be submitted to the Executive Council for report to the 79th General Convention; and be it further

The Episcopal Church’s commitment to quality public education has been articulated by General Convention at least five times since 1988, but in the past twenty-five years public education has deteriorated further – our inequalities are even more savage. The most vulnerable children – those living in poverty; born to recent immigrants; traumatized by violence; or burdened by learning, behavioral, or other disability – are especially harmed.

The church speaks a word of truth into this bleakness – holding a mirror to this scandal with unvarnished clarity. The church also brings a message of hope – because Episcopalians are partnering with local schools, living into the reality that it does not have to be this way. From rural South Carolina to urban Boston, from Rochester to Richmond, Dallas and beyond, we have met Episcopalians who are responding to the needs of children in their local public schools.

A two-day symposium would convene church volunteers, clergy and lay leaders, educators,  policy experts, and advocates to focus our collective attention, prayer, and resources on answering the question, “What is the church’s role in addressing educational inequity?”

AOC may be the only Episcopal-based national network advocating for quality public schools using the TREC model of grass-roots partnerships. Our community of Episcopalians is following Jesus together into their neighborhoods, across the street, down the road to the local school. They are traveling lightly, with empty hands, open minds, and hearts ready to receive the blessing of relationships that cross boundaries of race, class, and geography. Our largest aspiration is to see congregations at the intersection of their communities’ hopes and dreams for quality public education for every child.