6 Relationship Building Tips for School Volunteers

Volunteering in schools is no easy task. From creating the partnership (or joining up with a local organization that places volunteers), submitting paperwork, going through trainings, and getting to know the teachers, there’s a lot to do even before you step foot in a classroom. But any experienced school volunteer will tell you it’s all worth it because of the immense reward and transformation they encounter while building relationships with the students.

This week we came upon a wonderful listicle from Edutopia focused on how to build successful relationships with students. It’s geared toward councilors and advisors but is full of tips and insight that will serve anyone working one-on-one or in small groups of students. You can click here to read it in full.

Whether you’re just preparing for your first in-school volunteer assignment or you’re a seasoned tutor/or mentor looking for a quick refresher – here are 6 tactics for building stable, successful, rewarding relationships with students of all ages.

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