6 Ways to Pursue Equity in the Classroom

In this post from edutopia an experienced educator offers kind and wise advice to teachers eager to close the equity gap in their classrooms. If you’re a volunteer in a classroom read closely and absorb these ideas for your own learning. We bet it will help you appreciate even more how challenging daily classroom instruction can be.

It’s hard to sum up what it means to embrace equity in the classroom. My partner and I are veteran, equity-driven educators, and we wrestled with this question. Complexity duly noted, here are six ways to walk toward equity.

1. Know every child.

First and foremost, get to know each student as a unique and layered individual. Embrace storientation to learn where they’re from, what they love to do outside of school, what their family is like. Don’t subscribe to a single story about any child. The more you know, the more you can build trust and differentiate instruction.

2. Become a warm demander.

Author Lisa Delpit describes warm demanders as teachers who “expect a great deal of their students, convince them of their own brilliance…READ MORE AT EDUTOPIA

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