Spring 2017 Regional Forum – Chicago

Join us in Chicago March 24 & 25, 2017!

Join the movement for education justice by attending our December regional forum in Chicago, IL – March 2017!

Co-sponsored by the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago and Bexley-Seabury Seminary this event will leave participants with hope and encouragement that together, we can effect the change we seek: a deep commitment to education equity as part of God’s dream and the church’s mission.

Listen. Learn. Connect. Act. Reflect.

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35% of children in the city of Chicago live in poverty. In the other Midwest cities of Cleveland, Cincinnati, Detroit, Milwaukee, and St. Louis child poverty rates are above 40%. 99% of these children will or do attend a public school. Experts say that schools in poor areas can take twice as much money and resources to be successful than those in more affluent areas yet on average schools in poorest districts receive, on average, 10% less funding than the wealthiest districts.** This inequity puts a burden on the schools, the students, the parents, and the communities. This is where we are called to serve.

*Data from Voices for Illinois Children
** Data from the Education Trust


The power struggle of the future of the nation’s third-largest school district involves these three key players – Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Teachers Union President Karen Lewis and Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner. Emanuel and Lewis much like divorced parents with totally different parenting styles. The mayor favors more privately-run charter schools and famously pushed for a longer school day and year. The union wants the district to invest in existing schools instead, adding more art, music, counselors and librarians. But none of this can happen without money.