Here’s what I’m working on now, and how you can help

General Convention is this summer (here’s the wikipedia link if you want to learn more), so I’m exploring how we can use that opportunity to build awareness and support for All Our Children.  This triennial governing assembly of The Episcopal Church (June 25 – July 3, Salt Lake City) is a great opportunity for AOC to build relationships with allies, generate support and enthusiasm, and grow awareness of what we have to offer.

So I’m reaching out to deputies, bishops — especially folks we think would be interested to learn what we’re up to or would be helpful allies for us.

Let me know if you know know people I should be talking to!

I’ve also begun to update our online presence, making it more friendly, participatory, and flexible.

If you have ideas, I’d love to hear them!  I’ll also be looking for volunteers this month to test out the revised site.  Meanwhile, please chime in with your thoughts, questions, challenges, and successes.