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If you believe your faith calls you to help all children reach their full potential by supporting their right to quality public education, we welcome you to join All Our Children. We particularly invite individuals and groups who are exploring, forming, or actively participating in community partnerships between schools and religious congregations (churches, synagogues, mosques, etc.) who want to connect with others. For now membership is free and gives access to our members-only network and tools and materials


Individuals: Are you a volunteer in a school? An advocate for quality public education? Eager to connect your congregation more deeply with your neighborhood? Join us and participate in our online discussion boards, learn about faith-based school partnerships, and deepen your commitment to public education for all.

Groups and organizations:
Is your parent-teacher association looking for more support? Your congregation exploring the possibility of partnering with a school?, Your community organization already working with schools? Join us and create an online discussion board specifically for your group, participate in our public discussion boards, learn about church-school community partnerships, and deepen your commitment to public education for all.

Partnerships: At All Our Children a “partnership” is a relationship between a named religious congregation (of any religion, tradition, or denomination) and a named public school that is recognized by leaders of both institutions. AOC members that are partnerships can access an online discussion board specifically for your volunteers, the teachers at “your” school, and others, access to all our public discussion boards, and access to members-only tools and materials developed specifically to help your partnership grow and thrive. Partnerships are also added to our Partnership Map.