Jump In Right Here, Right Now

On a conference call yesterday, AOC members Liz Steinhauser, Monique Ellison, Quisha Mallette, Meredith Kadet, and Rob Gardner committed to activate this network.

Right here, right now, using this blog – our best available resource.

Will you join them?

This blog is our space — all of ours — a clearing house to share resources, links and ideas, and a coffee shop to meet and swap stories and ideas, questions and successes.

I’ve promised to have new content up here every Wednesday night. And here’s my first post.

Will you check this space every week and take action based on what you find here?

What ‘action’ are we talking about?

  • Reply to a post (do you agree with what’s said here? does it remind you of something in your own program? Tell us about it);
  • Share a post & comment on Facebook;
  • Add a link to your program, or something you came across that will interest other AOC folks.

Actually, today — right now — we want you to tell us — right here — that you’ll join Liz, Quisha, Meredith, Monique, and Rob.

Leave a reply right here…right now. Say Yes.