Monthly Webinars


Starting a new program or initiative at church, like a school partnership or an education advocacy group is a big task. And often there are lots of questions about whether or not your congregation has the capacity to take on something new. Frankly, sometimes we don’t have everything that is needed. Confronted with this reality, it’s easy to get discouraged or fixate on what we lack. But, as Christians, we are called to believe in and look for God’s abundance, even in the midst of uncertainty. This free online training, designed by Tamara Plummer and her team at the Episcopal Relief & Development Foundation takes an interactive and hands on approach to moving from a “deficit-based mindset” to an asset-based approach. In this hour long session, you’ll learn the basics of:
— How to identify the gifts and resources your congregation currently has that will equip you in your work to support public schools and your community
— Strategies for engaging in your neighborhood and learning about local resources that will help support your work at church
— And tactics to help you fill gaps in your capacity and assets