Pancake Breakfast at DMC

Last Tuesday, volunteers from Trinity Church, Boston worked with literacy staff at the Dever Elementary School to host a delicious and delightful pancake breakfast for students.

The event was an effort by the school librarian and Trinity contact to celebrate a new semester and encourage students’ positive association and relationship with the library and literacy staff. The cafeteria was abuzz all morning with school spirit, especially as the Principal McLaughlin darted from table to table dressed as the pig from students’ reading book, If You Give a Pig a Pancake.Spot Princi-pig McLaughlin in the event pictures below!

Trinity volunteers were excited to lend a hand and even more excited to jump-start their relationship with the students and staff they hope to collaborate with in the future. It was a great opportunity to start evaluating where Trinity’s efforts can best be placed in a school with such demonstrated needs.