The Truth About Donor Fatigue

Why donor fatigue is a myth and how you can bust it…

Whether your partnership asks donors for money, time, or good and supplies, you probably feel like you find yourself up against “donor fatigue” now and then (or often and always…). You sometimes may even decide NOT to make an ask for something from donors for fear of being the cause of this well-known problem of the non-profit world.

This week we found two great resources to help your partnership bust through the myth of donor fatigue to create more confident and productive asks of your donors.

First, we like this quick video from the Fundraising Coach, Marc Pitman, and we think you will too…

The Myth of Donor Fatigue

Don’t you like how succinct this approach is? Don’t you always feel better when someone acknowledges you and your bright ideas? So do your donors 😉
Click to see free tools from Mark Pittman to fix your next fundraising letter.

And bouncing off that great video, Lincoln Arneal from Nonprofit Hub wrote a great post with 3 solid action steps for working to create an active, interested, fatigue-free donor pool.

  • Create a Plan
  • Make it About Them
  • Build the Relationship

    Fundraising is hard work. Especially for organizations like churches and schools that are already stretched so thin. But remember, people care for your cause, they care for you, they care for your community. They want to show that care through service and donations. The trick to success is all in the asking!

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