Starting a Partnership

Here are four useful tools for those at the beginning stages of partnership.

5Pray regularly for schools in your neighborhood and your partnership. Incorporate some of these prayers into your congregation’s Prayers of the People and use them for your personal use and when your team gathers.


For All Our Children, a partnership is a relationship between a congregation and a public school that is recognized by leaders of both institutions. These partnerships come in many shapes and sizes – get our guide to Four Common Types of Partnerships.

3Building a strong foundation in church and in the school you are partnering with is crucial to building a fulfilling, successful, sustainable partnership. With our original 10-Steps to a Successful Partnership Guide you can be sure to get off on the right foot. Read it, print it, share it.

Pship PageMany leaders in the early stages of partnership don’t know where to turn for help and encouragement. AOC is here to help support you, and we encourage you to be in touch with your diocesan leaders too. Ask if they know of other partnerships in the diocese, talk with people who work with youth and community organizations, and invite them to come with you on your journey and join the movement. This five page printable guide offers information for diocesan leadership about how they can transform communities and congregations by joining us.

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