Partnership Management

Launching a Partnership:

  • AOC’s 10 Steps to Building a Church-School Partnership Blog
  • 10 Ways to Build School-Community Partnerships (Video) – Source: The After-School Corporation
  • Best Practices Guide: One Church One School (PDF) – Source: Episcopal Diocese of Dallas
  • School-Community Partnerships: A Guide (PDF)- Source: UCLA Department of Psychology
  • Beyond the Building: A Facilitation Guide for School, Family, and Community Connections (PDF) – Source: The SEDL National Center for Family and Community Connections with Schools

Volunteer Management:

  • Fun ideas for recruiting volunteers for work in schools (Article) – Source: PTOToday
  • Good tips for recruiting & retaining volunteers for child-centered ministries (Blog) – Source: Children Desiring God


  • The Anatomy of an Ask: An interactive graphic guide to asking for donations (Article) – Source: Non-Profit Hub
  • 52 Fun & Creative Ideas for Fundraisers (Article) – Source: Detroit Mommies

Afterschool Funding Tools:

  • Afterschool Alliance Funding Tool (Article) – Source: Afterschool Alliance

Community Advocacy:

  • Take Action: Getting Started as a Public School Advocate (Article) – Source: National School Board Association
  • Turning Outward and Activating Your Community (Article) – Source: The Harwood Institute

Tips and Activities for Volunteers & Students


  • Reading is Fundamental Activities Database (Article) – Source: Reading is Fundamental
  • A large collection of reading activities for elementary school students (Link) – Source:


  • 5 Tips for being a great tutor from “The Tutoring Expert” Erin Quinn O’Briant (Article)
  • What Makes an Excellent Tutor (Article) –  From:

After/In-School Programming:

  • After School Training Tool Kit (Link) – Source: National Center for Quality Afterschool
  • 1000’s of Activities for Program Volunteers & Teachers (Link) – Source:

Classroom/Teacher Support:

  • 10 Tips for Classroom Volunteers (Link) – Source:
  • How to Hold a Classroom Supplies Drive (Link) – Source: AARP

Please Note: many of our tools and resources emerge out of the Christian tradition, and use Christian language and imagery. They can be easily adapted to other religions and faith traditions, which we encourage. Please send your adaptations to us at, so we can circulate them and grow the network.