Resource Round-Up: Celebrating Volunteer Week April 12 – 18

It is an indisputable fact that without the individuals who give their time to church-school partnerships, they simply could not run. Just within the AOC member community there are upwards of 150 regular program volunteers who regularly give of their time and attention to work toward improving the lives of the children in their communities. This week is designated National Volunteer Week in the US and this post is a collection of articles and lists dedicated to ways to say “thank you” to the volunteers in your program. We salute each and every one, and we hope you can find some time this week to do the same!

7 Ways to Appreciate Your Volunteers

Taking the time to recognize volunteers is important if you want to retain volunteers and recruit new ones.
In honor of National Volunteer Week, here are some tips that you can use during and after the time your volunteers serve… READ MORE from VOLUNTEERMATCH.ORG

Celebrate Collective Accomplishments

Think about the windmills at which you tilt throughout the year; maybe these include lack of resources to support volunteer involvement, resistance from employees to developing more creative volunteer roles, tension between long-time and new volunteers, or unreasonable requests of the volunteer office. Despite such obstacles, we tend to plan volunteer recognition events in a bubble of happiness…READ MORE from ENERGIZEINC.COM

Volunteer Appreciation Guide

The selfless commitment and efforts of these volunteers should be acknowledged and recognized on a regular basis throughout the year. But National Volunteer Week offers an opportunity to formally recognize the efforts of the individuals who have raised funds; provided labor or transportation; helped out their neighbors; or any of the multitude of roles that volunteers play. So this guide offers some thoughts on how your organization might approach volunteer recognition…READ MORE from WILDAPRICOT.COM