What I’m Excited About This Week – How About You?

I am excited to have spent a great 24 hours with two terrific supporters of All Our Children — The Rev Lauren Holder and Ms Suellyn Scull both from Trinity Wall Street, where Lauren is on the clergy staff and is AOC’s grants officer and Suellyn, a life-long teacher and educator is on the vestry. Suellyn is also a member of AOC’s leadership team.


Together with some local friends and partners we visited St Stephens (South End) to learn about their partnership with the Blackstone school. We saw the greenhouse, created by volunteers and partners recruited and coordinated by Liz and Meg at St Stephens. It’s now used for science classes and experiential learning. We visited the library, which has been renovated, re-stocked, and is now open five days a week, fully staffed by partners from St Stephens.
We also learned the five essential steps for growing things:

What about you? What are you excited about this week??