Where is the political will for public ed?

“Maybe we need a teacher to run for president.”

Political Will

So said Professor Linda Darling-Hammond of Stanford University during a campus event on how to address education inequity. (To read more about it, CLICK HERE.)

We say, Amen!

new study published last week by Stanford’s Graduate School of Education reports that “The gap in test scores between high-income and low-income students is 40 percent larger now than it was about 40 years ago.” The study analyzed test scores from every school district in the US between 2009 – 2013 and found a strong correlation between students’ socioeconomic status and their academic performance as they enter middle school.

So…we can’t help but wonder: Why aren’t hearing much about public education this election season?

One of our goals at AOC is to amplify the church’s voice in calling for education equity. When we act together in support of our neighbors, we can make our voices heard by our elected officials. We can tell them how critical it is that all children receive a quality public education: funding for enough skillful teachers, social-emotional support, and quality early childhood programs; non-punitive discipline practices that keep students in school where they can learn.

As voters and civic leaders, let’s advocate for this conversation and demand smart policies, proven practices, and spending that is thoughtful and sufficient to the task. Because all our children are worth it.




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