Where We Are As A Network – Some Headlines

All kinds of exciting things are happening in the AOC network! Come back soon to read more about these headlines:

  • Trinity Wall Street has extended our support for the through December 2015, thank you, Trinity Wall Street!
  • We’re getting great applications for our job opening (network and community development associate), please keep spreading the word.
  • We’re activating the network today with a joint conference call between the Communications and Resources Action Teams
  • We’re planning a splash at General Convention (Jun 23-Jul 3 in Salt Lake City), and will decide this month if we want to go for more than a splash.
  • We’re forming a Strategy Leadership Team to lead us through the next 12 months.
  • Our two Boston sites (St Stephens and Trinity Boston) are hosting a site visit from Trinity Wall Street next week, and Lallie is visiting St Michaels’ and All Angels and the Jubilee Center in Dallas in November.
  • We have a team of consultants from Bishoff Communications advising and guiding us through Strategy Leadership development, Communications and Fundraising.